Sunday, January 23, 2011

We were skinny dipping

Her Story
“Patcha I said “I wish that we had bought some better cloths, of it were only one frock. You look the oddest figure.”
And she did. She was lying head to head with me in the skinny dip that  clothed one part of the relaxation above the sea…near the Pacific vincinity. We were staying at the little castle, but there was no moss thereabouts, nor the all Cholburi district. I often thought, so soft and deep and dazzling orange  and crimson as that particular path . It lays quite high upon the hills, and there were great grey boulders peeping through the white sandy beach here and there, to break your legs, If you were careless. Little more than a mile higher up was the watershed, where we're putting away with reluctant ,a first thought of going down the slope towards the shallow sea.