Friday, January 29, 2016

..........620 Samuels Avenue Fort Worth, Texas


The Gay Texan Trail offers woodland views as it loops around the southern tip of Grapevine Lake, a popular camping, fishing and boating destination. Also adjacent to the trail is the Gaylord Texan Hotel and Convention Center, a luxurious ...Samuel (LRT) at Lakes of River Trails 
The first streetcar company in Fort Worth was the Fort Worth Street Railway Company. Its first line began operating in December 1876, and traveled from the courthouse down Main Street to the T&P Depot.

Pioneers Rest Cemetery 620 Samuels Avenue Fort Worth, Texas 817-332-8515 | map it Fort Worth's famous burial ground You'll find some of the most famous names in Fort Worth at this cemetery, the oldest in the city. Fort Worth was established in 1849 by Major Ripley Arnold, and the first known burials were his children, Willis and Sophie, who died in 1850. Eleven soldiers who died between 1849 and 1850 are also buried here. The graves of Major Arnold and Edward H. Tarrant were moved to Pioneers Rest later. Many other early settlers of Fort Worth are also buried here, including the Daggetts, the Zane-Cettis, and the Peaks.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

.......alarms mind of fuzz

Thong D shared a video of his adorable,  alarms mind of fuzz on Facebook, and it already received more than 28 views. If that’s not enough to make your hand clicks, you’ll be glad to know so he has his very own Instagram account filled with all of his precvous domain.. Are you incapable of restraing yourself, or do you take a pride on being an insufferable know-it-all...

The ultimate place of date-night at the worthy place here I come to surprise wife. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

...Dine and wine

This place was so awesome I came home tonight and immediately opened my computer to share the wealth.  I first heard about this little strangely named taco joint on Cinco de Mayo.  All the cool kids were doing it, but the wait was THREE HOURS.  Tell me, who the hell waits three hours for tacos?

First, we got a kick out of reading the menu.  All the dishes have one-liner names.  I ordered the Alliteration something Louis, which means shrimp tacos with a side of the Tuscan white beans.

Mostly I ordered the white beans because I just worked out, was super hungry, and was afraid that two tacos wouldn't fill me up.  But let me just preach really quick - I would have eaten a serving bowl of those freaking beans.  I have no idea how the hell they did that but the beans had a creamy tomato sauce with a hint of lemon. Sounds weird, but wow wow wow.  The beans are pretty much the reason I'm even writing this review at all.
There are specials every night, and the cocktail list was impressive.  They are $9.75/each, which could get pricey.  But the specials and the wine au burgandy list were on par.