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Constantine Phaulkon's Trophy

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Thao Thong Kip Ma was born in Ayutthaya real name is dame, Marie De Guimar or some books called Ursula Yamada, Family Yamada was the Puritan Christianity Ignace, Martin her grandmother , said was a niece of St. Francis Xavier . Was baptized and given the name of religion . As of the year 2135. The Christians were punished . She was captured and stuffed into sacks boat at Nagasaki . The First time to deportation to Hoi An in Vietnam , because there are a lot of Christians . Then came and settled at Ayutthaya. It is a nice country, and do not have any discrimination of religions Constantine Phaulkon She’s A young woman who has a habit of completely honest and strict Catholicism . Although the story of her mother who was accused by the British bishops as women who to behave not quiet decent . Dating men like Although married living in refugee camps. Her Father, Yamada . was the European.. However she was married at the age of only 16 years, with Constantine 's Falcon , the Greek in the land of King Na Rai . Before marrying Falcons . He had a wife and several children . But sent he had send them away.. Although she has feuds with the Falcon . But also balancing love and had two child together , including George Fal Con was born in the year 2227 , and Juan Fal con passed away on Year later.In 1688 the late reign of King Narai. Pra Petracha appointed Defence governor. While sitting in the Lopburi, He send Praya Surasak his brother's son and captured Wichayen ,later executed him.

Fernão Merzedes Pinto (Portuguese pronunciation: [fɨɾˈnɐ̃w̃ ˈmẽdɨʃ ˈpĩtu]; c.1509 – 8 July 1583) was a Portuguese explorer and writer. His exploits are known through the posthumous publication of his memoir Pilgrimage (Portuguese: Peregrinação) in 1614, an autobiographical work whose truthfulness is nearly impossible to assess. In the course of his travels in the Middle and Far East, Pinto visited Ethiopia, the Arabian Sea, China (where he claimed to have been a forced laborer on the Great Wall), India and Japan. He claimed to have been among the first group of Europeans to visit Japan and initiate the Nanban trade period. He also claimed to have introduced the gun there in 1543. It is known that he funded the first Christian church in Japan, after befriending a Catholic missionary and founding member of the Society of Jesus later known as St Francis Xavier. At one time Pinto himself was a Jesuit, though he later left the order. Pilgrimage shows Pinto as sharply critical of Portuguese colonialism in the Far East[1] The vivid tales of his wanderings over twenty years – he wrote, for example, that he was "thirteen times made captive and seventeen times sold" – were so unusual that they were mostly not believed. They gave rise to the saying "Fernão, Mentes? Minto!", a Portuguese pun on his name meaning "Fernão, do you lie? Yes, I lie!".[2] Patani voyage[edit] Following Pinto's mission to Sumatra, he was sent to Patani, on the eastern shore of the Malay peninsula. In a joint venture with Patani-based countrymen, Pinto travelled with a shipload of merchandise to the coast of Siam (modern-day Thailand), but they were attacked by a pirate, who stole their goods. Sailing in search of the pirate, they essentially become pirates themselves, under command of António de Faria. Faria's exploits led him to become a popular figure in Portuguese literature. Pinto continued in this role for months, operating in the South China Sea, especially in the Gulf of Tonkin (between Indochina and Hainan). Siam[edit] Using borrowed money, Pinto bought passage to Siam, now known as Thailand. Pinto then describes how not long after his arrival the King of Siam requested Portuguese residents to enlist to quell a revolt in the Northern boundaries. The King was subsequently poisoned by the Queen, who also murdered the young heir to the throne, and placed her lover in the boy's place. The new King was then murdered, and unrest ensued provoking the King of Burma to lay siege to Ayuthia the capital of Siam. The description of these events in Burmese and Thai history, whether they were actually witnessed firsthand by Pinto, represents the most detailed account of these events that can be found in all of recorded Western history. Return voyage[edit] Pinto returned to Portugal on 22 September 1558 after an uneventful voyage. He was already famous in Western Europe as the author of a letter that had been published by the Society of Jesus in 1555. From 1562–1566 he spent four and a half years in court hoping to receive a reward or compensation for his years of service to the Crown.
Determinated of the King Na-Rai in Lopburi, the survival officials had invited the new king ascended the throne. Thailand 's army is still fighting with the French later. France was seized in the fort for two months to get the supplies they asked cesfired with the army of Thai force. Quote as saying, I do not think it will hurt Thailand's, only desire to return to the country of France.This project insulted my intellegence That's all I can read from... The Project Gutenberg EBook of Siam, by George B. Bacon This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project However there was a man of this oiriginal diary before The jessuit gat their hand on his drafted memmoir he said he was a lier. Here's Ferdinand ambitous Predo..And was sent to the French occupied southern vincinity at Nakorn Sri Thammarat,With french soldiers stationed there at the port, that is Fort Ma-rid, The Windfall profit taxation presented first time.